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About Us

Get to know our team better! We have an amazing staff that works both in our retail location and online to offer cooking classes. Our Chefs’ each have a diverse and extensive background when it comes to their culinary skills. We offer many menu options that span several ethnicities, each being taught with authenticity and accuracy. Our team loves what they do, but they love sharing their passion with others most of all. You will have a blast with each and every one of them!

Mona Sethi

Owner and Head Chef

I am a home chef and I cook foods that have flavor, color and make you happy!I took culinary classes in college, but I learned to cook different cuisines from professionals and home cooks around me. My mom was an amazing cook and I grew up with lots of delicious food.Through Pans on Fire, I hope to bring my passion of cooking and exploring variety of foods to everyone. At Pans on Fire, we not only teach cooking classes, we introduce kids and adults to the foundations and basics of cooking from around the world, along with the history behind foods. We always cooked with people in our kitchen; now we are in people’s homes, teaching them how to cook with friends and family, in their own kitchens. How great is that!!

Carmen Delgado

Chef – Course Instructor

Carmen Delgado is a self-trained cook and culinary instructor; she loves sharing her cooking skills and food knowledge. Spanish born & adopted Australian, Carmen’s recipes are easy & simple with inspiration from the past.