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Public Cooking Classes

What could be better than an experience that combines learning and eating?

From the moment your instructor welcomes you to our comfortable Food Studio to the moment you go home satisfied in mind and body, our public cooking classes are sure to please.

public cooking classes

Whether you are an experienced cook or can barely boil water, our patient instructors will help you master culinary techniques, understand more about the food you eat, and assure that you learn and have a good time.

While we schedule a few demonstration classes each month (marked as such on our monthly calendar), the vast majority of our classes are designed to be hands-on. You don’t merely observe, you actually cook.

Indeed, our goal is for every student to cook every dish on the menu, so we keep our classes small. Each menu has a theme based on the origin of the dishes, the nature of the ingredients, or the season of the year.

Evening classes last approximately three hours and offer three to five dishes (depending on the complexity of the menu), sometimes with a complimentary adult beverage. Daytime classes are typically briefer with fewer dishes to accommodate busy daytime schedules.

Each student receives a class recipe booklet with ingredients and instructions of each dish so you can recreate the meal at home, as well as a discount coupon for use in our retail store.

Classes are a great way to meet new people; or consider gathering some friends and share the experience with them. By the way, we are always seeking new class ideas; feel free to email us and tell us what interests you and ignites your passion for cooking.

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