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Cooking Classes

What could be better than an experience that combines learning and eating?

From the moment your instructor welcomes you to our comfortable Food Studio to the moment you go home satisfied in mind and body, our public cooking classes are sure to please.

public cooking classes

Whether you are an experienced cook or can barely boil water, our patient instructors will help you master culinary techniques, understand more about the food you eat, and assure that you learn and have a good time.

While we schedule a few demonstration classes each month (marked as such on our monthly calendar), the vast majority of our classes are designed to be hands-on. You don’t merely observe, you actually cook.

Kids & Teens

A passion for cooking isn’t limited to adults these days.

Children of all ages watch the Food Network to view their favorite television chefs. Our kids’ cooking classes are designed for both teens (13-19 year olds) and pre-teens (8-12 year olds) and combine education, instruction, and enjoyment.

These sessions provide a hands-on opportunity for children to explore new foods, become more aware of nutrition and develop self-confidence in the kitchen.

kids cooking classes

Each summer (and winter and spring break), we conduct Kids Cooking Camps.
Whether it’s taking a “Road Trip” to investigate American regional cuisine or understanding how a restaurant operates during “Restaurant Week”, kids leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of what it takes to cook well. At the last session, campers cook a meal from scratch for a parent/guardian as part of a celebratory lunch where they receive a Certificate of Completion.

In addition, we conduct kids programs during school breaks and occasional parent/child classes offering a great shared cooking experience in a relaxing family setting (see our calendar for upcoming classes). Food tastes better when everyone joins in the cooking so have your child help prepare future meals.

Team Building

If you want to build stronger teams at work, cooking classes are an excellent way to reach that goal. Whether you decide to emphasize collaboration or competition (think “Iron Chef” or “Chopped”) we can create a food experience that is both enjoyable and productive. When people relate to one another (and the boss) outside of their familiar work setting, they see themselves and each other in a different light.

If you wish we can provide feedback on your group’s dynamics; these objective insights can clarify roles and behaviors so you can manage your teams better.

Events can be scheduled during lunch time or after work and typically last between two and three hours depending on your schedule. We can accommodate up to 20 participants in our user-friendly Food Studio; you can select from established menus or craft a new menu, whichever you prefer.

Either way, a cooking event is a great means to help you meet your organizational objectives.

If building a stronger team isn’t your goal, then perhaps you’re looking for a way to welcome new clients or say “thank you” to current clients. Cooking events can be an effective and economical way to market that message in a unique and memorable manner.

Private Events

Cooking Classes for Families, Friends and Kids

Food is meant to be shared and there is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a private cooking party.

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, graduation, bridal shower, retirement, or another significant milestone you are commemorating, cooking and eating with the people you love is a pathway to a truly memorable experience.

We will help you plan the event “from soup to nuts” using one of our traditional menus or help you craft a new menu based on your interests and needs.

Events are almost always hands-on (unless you’d prefer demonstration style) and usually last two to three hours; complimentary wine and beer is available for adult evening programs. We can accommodate up to 20 individuals in our comfortable Food Studio.

Please budget $55-$70 per person for children’s programs (sorry, no Friday evening or Saturday children’s programs) and $65 to $100 per person for adult programs. Our Event Coordinator will go program minimums and other details as she helps you develop the event you’re looking for.

We want your party to be a singular experience; please give us as much advance notice as possible so we can exceed your expectations.

To learn more about public cooking classes or to reserve your place, click here or call us at 925.600.7267
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